Social Work Theory Cards

Our new Social Work Theory Cards are now available!

Social Work Theory CardsAsk a student or even a qualified social worker the question “what theory are you using?” and you very often see that, well recognised, terrified rabbit in the headlights look. Theory and its relationship with practice is a vital aspect of professional learning and development at all stages of a social worker’s career.

Our Social Work Theory Cards provide a new and exciting opportunity to use more creative techniques when exploring theory and practice with both students and qualified staff.

The cards are presented in a hardwearing plastic box with a lid. There are 88 cards with content and a number of blank cards for completion by the user. The completed cards have the theory “title” on one side and some brief content on the other. The card set contains an explanatory booklet with lots of ideas about how to use the cards but the possibilities are limitless.

Every practice educator and indeed every social work team, should have a set of social work theory cards.

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